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My name is Leila Belmont, I’m a published model, a winner of a beauty pageant and a bikini contest, an entertainer, a content creator, and a professional part-time girlfriend. I describe myself as young but mature, sophisticated, confident, fun, bubbly, sensual and kind. I’m currently in college and pursuing my entrepreneurship dream while having the best time of my life. 


Meeting people is one of my many passions, friends always accuse me of making them laugh with my stories and own infectious laugh. I can’t help being myself – I’m open hearted, playful and endearing. I am a big foodie, I love upscale dining and traveling, exploring new places, going on adventures and being outdoor. My other interests are live music, concerts, car racing, circus and magic shows, martial arts, hokey, basketball, and of course shopping. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, I’m always ready to wind down in a low key atmosphere. 


I am known for my social skills and the way I carry myself. I dress to impress although my casual looks are more conservative and comfortable. Either fully dolled up or without make up, I always receive compliments by my admirers. But I am not only beautiful on the outside, I also have a great energy and up-for-anything engaged vibe. I will always make you feel welcome, just like we are old friends. 


Leila Belmont

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